Welcome to Zombiehill - Zombiehill

Welcome to Zombiehill


Zombiehill has been in the making since 1966 when Marcel Varna was born. Once the junk and weird stuff was washed from his baby body Marcel found himself in a creative household with a good workshop with space and tools and two crazy adults in charge where creative thinking and inventive ideas were encouraged daily.  Marcel has evolved into a well-known lowbrow artist in Cairns specialising in lots of different stuff like sculptures made from anything and paintings painted on anything which has been exhibited around Australia.


Zombiehill as a brand was formed in 2004 by two dead people eating some other dead person on a hill somewhere which funnily was the beginning of creating and trading zombie lowbrow stuff like art prints, t-shirts, one-off sculptures and other odds n bits which the words have been forgotten. We love art, and we love stuff, and we love dumb people that get killed in zombie movies so we thought we would put them together.


We hope you enjoy your stay.